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Finance: The management or mismanagement of money, banking, investments and credit.

Ten Things You Might Not Have Known About Social Security - added:
February 20, 2006 - author: Ken Morris - Social Security is a lot like the ozone layer--we all know it’s there now and we count on it being there in the future. Yet most people don’t know much more about it than that. Here’s a short list of interesting facts about Social Security. (1) Social Security benefits.
Beware of Debt Consolidation Scams -
date: September 8, 2005 - author: Schaldening Hilfarde - People need help with the their debt at some point in their life. Debt Consolidation helps you at times when your debt becomes too heavy for you manage. Debt Consolidation, literally means, putting all debts together into a single monthly payment. Very often you have to pay .

Top five saving money myths- added: February 18, 2006 - author: Martin Lukac - We all like to think that we are doing the best we can when it comes to our finances. We think we are saving money, but we've never actually sat down and done the math. You could be surprised if you did. Here are the top five money saving myths that we fall .
Say "Bah, Humbug!" To Holiday Debt: Avoid the "Holiday Hangover"
- date: November 20, 2005 - author: Mike Peterson - Ah, the holiday season! Turkey and dressing, pumpkin pie, office parties, jingle bells, and lots and lots of eggnog make. the season a delight. But all fun and reindeer games aside, you have to be careful to make sure you don't wind up as poor as Tiny Tim! .
Dividend Reinvestment - added: February 24, 2006 - author: Larry Potter - Our readers know that we have little faith in the “buy and hold” approach to stock-buying. Wall Street, on the other hand, wants investors to “stay the course” and stick with their stock positions through thick and thin. We would rather avoid the sleepless nights of the thin times like 2000-

Credit Cards, How to Avoid Overspending With Them - added: February 19, 2006 - author: Bruce Walls - Let's accept the fact that shopping is a pleasure for most people and a way of life for some. The presence of credit cards makes it a whole lot easier but for some people it is the start of a living hell once they become snowed under with debt and repayments. If you are not in this click here for full text.
Taking Control of your Finances -
added: February 20, 2006 - author: Debra Lohrere - To find money to invest for your future, you need to make sure that your outgoing expenses are less than the income that you are receiving. You need to develop an excess that you can have free to invest. Now before you start to think….”well I don’t have any excess left…if I was earning more money.
Clear-A-Debt: 12 Myths about Bankruptcy -
added: February 19, 2006 - author: Jean-Francois Fritsch - Like most big, bad scary things, bankruptcy has a reputation based on a few tidbits of truth and lots of embellishment. And like most creepy crawlies, it's not nearly as frightening once you know the truth.With a mind toward declawing the monster, here are a dozen.
Which Low Interest Credit Card is Right For Me? -
added: February 19, 2006 - author: Samuel Pety - The best low interest credit card is one that charges a low interest rate and does not have any hidden costs. Very often, card users tend to be indiscriminate with their cards during the introductory period and are in for a shock when the rates jump at the end of the period.
Retire Early With Financial Planning Dos And Don'ts - added: February 20, 2006 - author: John Morris - It is a well known fact that nothing is permanent in this world. Everything is ephemeral. That is why it is always best to have backups, especially financial ones, in case things go out of hand. Hence, a good financial planning for your retirement is the most feasible idea.

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